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The Bend in the Road Story

After much pitching (thanks to Sam Epstein) to recording companies who are suffering under the advent of digital downloads, DIY music publishing and bootlegging, and consequently require slavish touring and self-promotion, (all with the artist benefiting from little if any substantial ‘advance’ on sales), this “Bend in the Road” project has finally made it to press. We had recorded 32 tracks in Dave Feeney’s Tempermill studio in Ferndale, Michigan in only 21 days spread over the first six months of 2010 (which included mixing) but oh, how long it has been until this moment!

One day, towards the end of the recordings, Brett Lucas drew my attention to a theme that ran through much of the material – that of travelling and moving, and asked if it has some lifestyle significance. To my surprise, I had been unaware of this until he said that; but it is true, my lifestyle of the past 40-odd years has been strangely nomadic! (I should list the countries in which I’ve lived for a significant length of time, but that is for another post!)

Anyway, the numbers referred to are:

  • Homesick
  • Walked a Mile
  • Stranger Blues
  • Desired Haven
  • Refugees
  • Bend in the Road
  • Gotta Keep Moving
  • Happy Troubadour

One quarter of the songs!

And why is it called ‘Bend in the Road’?

Here’s a clip from my album’s liner notes on this particular song.

I came across a poem with this title written by an obscure poet named Praveen -no surname (sounds Indian). I found the theme and flow fascinating for a song, and after working over and boiling the lyrics down to make them more ‘song friendly’, I was happy with the results. It has come to have a special meaning to me during certain ‘bends’ in my own life’s road, and has proven to be a favourite for many.

Bend in the Road

When you feel you have nothing left to give,
And it seems like the song has ended.
And it seems there’s no reason left to live
As the darkness of night has descended.

Where can you go to find the strength you need to keep on trying?
Where can you find the hand that’ll dry those tears your heart is crying?

So you’re filled with hopelessness and sorrow
Looking at what seems to be the end.
A voice will whisper ‘Wait until tomorrow
‘This heartbreak is only a bend in the road.

‘A bend in the road.

‘It’s just a bend in the road’.

For the road will continue past the bend,
And you’ll sing as you go on your journey.
And hope in your heart will burn again,
As you see the light for which you’re yearning.

Where can you go to find the strength you need to keep on trying?
Where can you find the hand that’ll dry those tears your heart is crying?

Be comforted to know that Someone loves you
Closer than any other friend.
He’ll whisper to your heart to reassure you
That happiness is just around the bend in the road.
It’s just a bend in the road.

The cover of the double vinyl is the watercolour painting I did, which was used on my New Year’s post. Upon seeing the painting, Sam Epstein insisted it should go for the vinyl LP cover, making it unique and giving it a vintage vibe! I’m glad he did, as I believe it works.

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